Portraits by Harry Confusio

Today we start a new series: Portraits by Harry Confusio Evans. HC, as he signs himself, is a ¬†retired general of the Salvation Army. He is 92 years old, and as a conscientious objector during World War II, he suffered through scorn and derision. Working in an ambulance unit of the 11th Armored Division (under General George Patton), he discovered his cause: to fight poverty and mental illness. He joined the Salvation Army in 1946 and remained active in it until 1996, when he had a stroke that limited the use of his right arm. In therapy to strengthen his left arm, he took up drawing. Initially, he drew rustic scenes and flowers. After hundreds of hours drawing and doing other rehab exercises, someone prevailed upon him to take up life drawing. He was smitten. Harry began portraits about 6 years ago, and after hundreds of sketches of models and of photos of famous people, Harry says, “I’m beginning to get the knack,”

Now, at 92, Harry has begun a series of historical portraits of architects of bridges. McGuireHimself is now committed to presented Harry’s sketches.

The first work that we present is HC’s portrait of James Buchanan Eads, the architect of the first permanent structure to cross the Mississippi River, in St. Louis:The Eads Bridge.

We’ll have more about HC, but for now his portrait of Eads will be sufficient.



A Clerihew for James B. Eads

James Buchanan Eads

performed many strenuous deeds.

Though he never invented the fridge,

he did engineer THE bridge!

File:Eads Bridge, St. Louis Missouri.jpg