Two Fairy Tales Retold for Our Times


Illustrated by Tuck and Sons, circa 1870

We said no.

Wolfie said not so.

No, no, no. No

Why then I’ll blow.

So stand we now,

each, a sad homeless cerdo

each, a Trump-made refugee

spitted as an effigy.



Illustration by Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)

I felt the nearing wolves and cried.

They’re not moving very fast.

I heard the snarling wolves and cried.

They’re faint echoes from the past.

I smelt the scatting wolves and cried.

They’re decaying rats at last.

I saw the greying wolves and cried.

They’re evil spirits to be cast.

Then I tasted spattered blood and cried.

O! Their hungry hordes are vast.


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